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Trues On Mission

Welcome to our adventure – living on mission in the Dominican Republic!

We knew God was calling us to take our already missional life and step out in faith for something “big.” Our family has a huge heart for orphans and marginalized children. Due to the poverty, sex trafficking, and general lack of hope in this community, there are many children who need hope and love. The point where the worlds need was meeting what makes our hearts break and fists clench was right here in Rio San Juan. 

As part of Manna Global Ministries, we direct an outreach center as members of the Rio San Juan team. Our main outreach is running Club Chiquito. This Christ-centered after school program focuses on developing kids of character and setting the foundations of faith with ages 6-12 (although many older and younger attend). With the help of the high school students from Manna Christian School, we are a beacon of light and love in a dark place. We are seeing stories of darkness and despair turn into stories of hope and a future.

Over the past several years our faith has evolved to realize that we have been blessed tremendously only to be a blessing to others – so our family moved to Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic in August of 2014. We know that not everyone can move their family to another country, but we were blessed to be able to “go” and be the boots on the ground. 

We have a great support system and wonderful supporters who champion this mission not only monetarily, but prayerfully as well. We’d love you to join us in this story and use your blessing to change lives forever.

Thank you for joining us in being good news to the kids of Rio San Juan. Please check our blog for regular updates.